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For over 30 years I have been making frequent trips to Greece and Nisyros. Mostly my trips have been from the USA although a few have also been from the UK. Traveling to Nisyros is very simple and easy. A small boat ride is involved. Although this may be perceived as a difficulty it is really a sort of saving grace of the Island.

Many of the Greek Islands with airports soon become overrun with tourists in search of beautiful scenery at affordable prices. The result is too many people cramped into a small space with excessive revelry. We have four children and would prefer a more modest, relaxing and less crowded type of a vacation. Nisyros is near the Island of Kos, which has an airport. It enjoys an ideal situation.

The steps detailed below should give you a general outline for the trip as well as necessary commitments of time and money.

Four Steps
Time in hours
Transportation Cost Per Person
1) Flight Into Kos Airport (KGS)
2) Taxi from Kos Airport to Boat
3) Boat from Kos to Nisyros
4) Ground Transportation in Nisyros
Actual times and costs may vary significantly


Step 1: Flight Into Kos Airport
There are several Airlines that fly into Kos (also spelled Cos). There is only one airport in Kos. Most travel agents can help you book flights to Kos year round. Kos is part of a group of Islands called the "Dodecanese Islands." The airport abbreviation for Kos is "KGS." We generally get a flight that arrives in Kos very early in the morning. That way we have plenty of time to make it to the boat port.

Step 2: Taxi from Kos Airport to Boat
Basically, there are two scenarios for taking the boat. In the summer months the boats run from both Kos town (Eastern part of Kos) and Kardamina (Southern/Middle part of Kos). Kos is a small Island and it can be crossed relatively quickly in a taxi. Depending on which scenario you find yourself, the taxi ride to Kardamina is about 10 minutes and the ride to Kos Town is about 45 minutes. Neither fair is extremely expensive. The fair to Kardamina is 15 Euro and the fair to Kos town is about 25 Euro. Both towns are pleasant and enjoyable. The fair varies depending on the number of people and the amount of luggage.

The taxi drivers are courteous. They do not take advantage of tourists but treat them very well. A tip of a Euro or two is greatly appreciated by the drivers. They have been known not to have accurate information about boat departures.

If you have a layover in Kos there are plenty of sites to see. The website will help you obtain useful information about Kos.

Click image below for
KOS INFO - The official Kos travel guide.


Step 3: Boat from Kos to Nisyros
The destination for all of the Nisyros bound Boats is Mandraki Nisyros. The boats are generally very inexpensive and only take an hour or two depending on which port in Kos you leave from. There is also no need to make reservations on the boats. There are a few travel agents in Nisyros who can help you plan this part of your trip. See contact information section of this site for their details. Both Kardamina and Kos Town are great places to spend a little time.

Kos is a nice place to spend a day so certainly make the most of it. There are plenty of hotels if you need to spend a night. We had a good experience staying at the Rio Hotel in Kardamina. Caterina works there and speaks good English. Each room only holds two people. The hotel is located very close to the boat dock. The telephone number for the Rio Hotel is 242-91627.

Step 4: Ground Transportation in Nisyros
The boat will take you to the Nisyrian port called Mandraki. This is the capital of the Island and where most of the facilities are located. If you do not want to walk with you luggage to your hotel then you should make arrangements with the hotel or friends to pick you up in a vehicle or a taxi.

The trip for us has always short, enjoyable and pleasant.

The thing to remember going back is to check the boat schedule well in advance. Also check the weather forecast if you are leaving in the winter months.

For general informatino about travel in Greece see: